Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego. A dessert-only restaurant is just about all we could ask for, really. It’s like a real restaurant with tables, napery and real silver. (You know, they may offer savory fare, but I didn’t get that far.) So you feel rather adult settling in for a treats-only meal.

Photo by Extraordinary Desserts

Everything looks spectacular. Beautifully made with real buttercream — not a lot of fondant to be found, nor too many Cake Boss architecturally profound but dubious tasting confections.

I tried the Devonshire Napoleon, a chocolate cake and a white chocolate berry cake.  All were wonderful, so much so that I lost track of the names of the cakes.  The Napoleon was perfection — cream was fluffy but rich, the pastry buttery and caramelly and flaky.

But (and I acknowledge I have buried the lead here), the best thing I had, the most unforgettable, the thing I have been tasting since I left, is the Creme Brûlée Brioche.  Fabababulous. Creamy perfect creme buried in the middle of a fresh, pully, yummy brioche. I have been thinking about it at least once a day for months.

In addition to the pastry, there’s a carefully curated shop. I bought a jar of lavender sugar — they have tea, chocolates, and other delightful comestibles.

Angelenos, it’s worth a train ride.  Everyone else…there is an online store.

Extraordinary Desserts, 1430 Union Street, San Diego; 619-294-7001


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